1100 to 980 BC

1100 to 980 B.C. – The Unified Kingdom

When Samuel is old, Israel insists on having a king. Saul is chosen as the first king of Israel. In the beginning, Saul is a good king. However, he later disobeys God and, finally, commits suicide. God directs Samuel to anoint David to succeed Saul. David, originally a shepherd, also is the poet who wrote many of the psalms. Under king David, Israel becomes a great nation. David, however, is not perfect. At one stage in his life, he commits both adultery and murder. When David dies, his son Solomon succeeds him. Solomon, who is famous for the wisdom which God gave him, writes many proverbs. During his reign, he builds a grand and beautiful temple for God. Solomon’s shortcoming, however, is his many heathen wives. At the time of this death, the nation of Israel begins to decline.