Psalm 51:17


Psalm 51:17 a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.


There are some things I can fix, Lord, and there are things I can’t fix. The things I have a hard time fixing are the things I have damaged or broken through my selfish, sinful words, my actions or my failure to act. As much as I would like to fix things, including myself, at the end of the day I’m completely hopeless. This is where your love is so vital. Amazingly you don’t just throw me away like a broken vase or a damaged piece of furniture. Through Jesus’ sacrifice and holy blood you have fixed me. Now I am perfect. Strengthen my trust that you will not despise me but will mend my “broken and contrite heart”. Fix those things I have damaged or broken with your love so your name is glorified! Restored in the joy of your salvation, I pray, Amen.