1 Peter 1:7


1 Peter 1:7 …your faith–of greater worth than gold…


O Holy Spirit, of all the gifts I have, the most valuable gift you have given me is my faith.  So easily this gift, like many others, is taken for granted.  I fail to feed and nourish it with your Word as often as I ought.  I abuse and weaken it when I allow my mind to dwell on sinful thoughts and when I indulge in sinful behavior.  Forgive me.  Even as I ask for your forgiveness, I’m reminded of why my faith is so precious: Through it I receive forgiveness for all my sins and I now possess eternal life.  Additionally, I am liberated from sin and guilt and free to serve you with joy!  What a life you have given me through this most precious gift, O Holy Spirit!  More than my investments or my money, today I recommit myself to carefully and joyfully treasure the gift of faith you have given me.  I pray you grant this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.