Matthew 24:35


Matthew 24:35 [Jesus said,] “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”


Dearest Jesus, empires rise and fall. Structures are raised and razed.  People live and die.  All things earthly pass away, but your word endures forever.  Forgive me when I attempt to change your word to conform to what I want to do.  This displeases you.  Yet you forgive me for these and all my sins.  Your unchanging word promises that just as the white snow covers the dark earth, your white robe of righteousness covers my sin-darkened body.  This is a constant promise as are all others in the Bible.  Help me always to hold your Word in the highest regard and respect.  Teach me and remind me to meditate on Bible passages such as this one throughout the day.  In your changeless name I pray.  Amen.