Jude 3


Jude 3 Dear friends… I felt I had to…urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.


Dear Jesus, I’m at war. Satan is on the prowl looking to devour me (I Pet 5:8). The sinful world entices me with its self-centered pleasures. My sinful flesh seeks to gain the upper hand. I’m always at war. Help me remember this that I don’t grow lax and lazy in my walk with you. Instead help me see that every day I’m fighting the big three: the devil, the world, and my sinful flesh. But I’m not alone! You are with me. You equip me for battle. You give me strength and protection. You forgive and take away my guilt. Lead me to draw on these truths that each day I successfully contend for the faith and walk in obedience to your will. Amen.