• The Bible never goes out of date
  • The Bible reveals the mysteries of God
  • The Bible answers life’s biggest questions

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever.”


The Bible has survived the test of time and cultures over thousands of years. People risked their lives to translate it. Others risked their lives to read it and share it. Yet despite all the hostility it met over the years, it continues to be in demand throughout the world. Unlike other books, the Bible never goes out of date (although the language often needs to be updated to keep current with changes that occur in language use.)

The Bible is filled with love stories and tragedies, heroes and villains, history and poetry. It talks of human sufferings and victories. It identifies with the daily challenges of this world and unfolds the hidden mysteries of the spiritual world. There is a genuine honesty about the people in the Bible as it reveals the sins and weaknesses of even the great heroes of faith. Here God reveals amazing truths about who he is and what he does – information that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Bible helps us understand the origin and cause of the evil and suffering in our world and shows how God carried out his plan to solve it. It addresses life’s biggest questions, which include, “Where did this world come from,” “Why am I here?” “What will happen after I die.”

The Bible remains timeless because it deals with the unchanging challenges of humanity and reveals the only solution that applies to any culture, any person, any situation. It has changed the lives of countless people for thousands of years across all cultures.